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Shutterstock B2B Agreement

Shutterstock B2B Agreement: What You Need to Know

Shutterstock, the well-known stock photo and video website, recently made headlines with the announcement of their new B2B agreement. The agreement aims to expand Shutterstock`s reach and provide businesses with a seamless experience when it comes to finding and licensing visual content. Here`s what you need to know about the Shutterstock B2B agreement.

What is the Shutterstock B2B agreement?

The newly announced B2B agreement by Shutterstock is an expansion of their existing services, aimed at providing businesses with a streamlined way to license images, videos, and other visual content. The agreement involves partnerships with major companies, such as Google, IBM, and Wix, to seamlessly integrate Shutterstock`s library of visual content into their respective platforms.

How does the B2B agreement benefit businesses?

The Shutterstock B2B agreement provides a win-win solution for both businesses and Shutterstock. For businesses, it means they have access to a vast library of visual content that they can use to enhance their marketing campaigns, social media platforms, and other visual content needs. The integration of Shutterstock`s library into major platforms like Google and Wix means businesses can easily find and license the content they need without the hassle of searching through multiple sources.

For Shutterstock, the B2B agreement means an increase in revenue and exposure. With the agreement, Shutterstock`s library of visual content is made available to a wider audience, potentially increasing the number of licenses and subscriptions purchased by businesses.

What does this mean for Shutterstock contributors?

The Shutterstock B2B agreement doesn`t just benefit businesses; it also has a positive impact on Shutterstock contributors. With the increase in licenses and subscriptions, contributors are more likely to earn more through their image and video content. The partnership with major companies also means that contributors` content has the potential to reach a broader audience.

What should businesses keep in mind when licensing content through Shutterstock?

When licensing content through Shutterstock, businesses should keep in mind the licensing agreements that come with the content. The type of license a business purchases determines how they can use the content. For instance, a standard license allows for digital use only, while an extended license grants additional usage rights, such as print and merchandise usage.

Businesses should also keep in mind the need to credit the image or video content properly. This is especially important for editorial use, where proper credit must be given to avoid copyright infringement.


The Shutterstock B2B agreement provides an exciting opportunity for businesses to access Shutterstock`s vast library of visual content seamlessly. The partnership with major companies means businesses can easily integrate the content into their marketing campaigns and social media platforms. For Shutterstock contributors, the agreement means an increase in potential earnings and exposure to a broader audience. As businesses explore the use of Shutterstock`s library, it`s important to remember the licensing agreements that come with the content and the need to credit images or videos appropriately.

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